35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

FILM FESTIVAL FF2-31 Phacoemulsification in Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma Ambika SHETTY India The management of acute angle closure glaucoma often poses a challenge to the ophthalmologist. The treatment modality that is commonly followed includes medical management of glaucoma followed by a laser iridotomy. However, it is noted that it is difficult to perform an iridotomy in these cases due to a swollen iris and an edematous cornea. Studies have confirmed that phacoemulsification can be performed in this scenario. In this video, we describe the challenges and tips in performing phacoemulsification in a case of acute angle closure glaucoma. FF2-32 Steering the Sinking Ship Niraj AGRAWAL India Objective: Challenging situations can be potentially vision-threatening to the patient. Conditions such as sublaxated IOL bag complex, traumatic anterior dislocated IOL, hard brown cataracts, small pupil, and complicated uveitic cataracts can increase the risk not only intraoperatively but also in postoperative recovery. We herein present a series of such complex scenarios. Methods: Our series includes two such case scenarios that underwent uneventful IOL/IOL bag complex fixation. Results: Both patients obtained good postoperative visual outcome. Conclusion: Patience and appropriate step by step approach, surgical challenges could be overcome and further complications prevented. 101