35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

ePOSTERS ePOSTER PP1 – CATARACT SURGERY TITLE PRESENTER PP1-01 Effect of Decentration on the Visual Performance of Enhanced Monofocal Intraocular Lens Da Ran KIM South Korea PP1-02 Comparison of Pain Perception between Phaco-horizontal-chop and Phacovertical-chop Technique in Grade 3 Cataracts Dwi Ditha EMELIA Indonesia PP1-03 Clinical and Patient Reported Outcomes of AirOptix Bandage Contact Lenses on Post-cataract Surgery Patients Who Have Preoperative Mild-to-Moderate Dry Eye Disease Guangbin ZHANG China PP1-04 Clinical Outcomes after Implantation of Extended Depth-of-focus AcrySof® Vivity® IOL in Eyes with Low-grade Epiretinal Membrane Sohee JEON South Korea PP1-05 Hold and Rotate: An Approach to Rescue Unrotatable Nucleus Tsung-Hsien CHOU Chinese Taipei PP1-06 The Cataract Surgery Outcome of Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome Patients Yeon ji JO South Korea PP1-07 Achieving Skillful and Safe Surgery During Pandemic Time M. Dio SYAPUTRA Indonesia PP1-08 Prevention and Clinical Outcomes of Intraoperative Complication with Zepto Precision Pulse Capsulotomy Ling-Uei WANG Chinese Taipei PP1-09 Comparing the Posterior Capsular Rupture Rates of Phacoemulsification in Three-dimensional Heads-up Visualization System and Traditional Microscopes Hyun-Sun JEON South Korea PP1-10 Short Term Visual and Refractive Results after Posterior Capsular Opacification Surgery in Bangladeshi Children Quazi Sazzad IFTEKHAR Bangladesh PP1-11 Surgical Outcome of Cataract Surgery in Patients with Down Syndrome Chao-Wen LIN Chinese Taipei PP1-12 Comparing Topical Prednisolone Acetate with Topical Bromfenac Sodium in Controlling Complications Post Cataract Surgery Nitin RAMANUJAM India PP1-13 Clinical Outcomes of New Monofocal IOL with Intermediate Vision Improvement (Isopure, Physiol) Seungjin LEE South Korea PP1-14 Impact of Cataract Surgery on Cognitive Impairment in Older People Yuto YOSHIDA Japan PP1-15 Cataract Surgery with Bifocal Toric Lens Implantation using a New Toric Intraocular Lens Power Calculation Program Lulu CHEN China PP1-16 Surgical Management of Complicated Cataract with Angle Closure Uveitic Glaucoma: A Case Report Nicholas Dwiki TANONG Indonesia PP1-17 Application of Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery in Black Nucleus Cataract Surgery Yanfeng ZENG China PP1-18 Comparison of the Results of Stop-and-Chop and Divide-and-Conquer Phaco Techniques in the Treatment of Hard Cataracts by a Resident Trainee Surgeon Rokhsanda REHNUMA Bangladesh 106