35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

PP1-58 Clinical Characteristics of Cataract in Myotonic Dystrophy Patients Dong Seon KIM South Korea PP1-59 The Accuracy of A-scan Segment Biometric Measurement Guided by Infiltrating B Ultrasound in Axial Measurement of Dense Cataract Fan ZHANG China PP1-60 Safety and Efficacy of Anterior Chamber Moxifloxacin in Phacoemulsification Thilini LOKUSOORIYA Sri Lanka PP1-61 The Expected Surprise – A Case Report Nazrah MOHAMED RAMLI Malaysia PP1-62 Comparative Analysis of Two Optical Biometry Devices in Terms of Axial Length and Keratometry Chekitaan SINGH India PP1-63 Refractive Cataract Surgery and Preoperative Tests: A New Method for IOL Power Calculations for Postop Refractive Outcomes within –0.50 D Spherical Matteo PIOVELLA Italy PP1-64 Digital Cataract Workflow Efficiency Venkiteshwar MANOJ USA PP1-65 Visual Outcome of Pediatric Cataract Surgery in a Tertiary Eye Hospital in North India Reena GUPTA India PP1-66 Lid Scrub and Thermal Pulsation Treatment to Improve Biometry Accuracy to Adopt Presbyopic IOLs Routinely Barbara KUSA Italy PP1-67 Cataract Formation and Progression after Vitrectomy Surgery: A Targeted Literature Review Carine C.W. HSIAO USA PP1-68 Clinical and Economic Burden of Sequential Vitrectomy and Phacoemulsification compared with Phacovitrectomy: A Targeted Literature Review Carine C.W. HSIAO USA PP1-69 Agreement in Optical Biometry of a New Swept-source Optical Coherence Tomography-based Biometer versus Optical Low-coherence Reflectometry Edgar LOPES Portugal ePOSTERS ePOSTER PP2 – INTRAOCULAR LENS IMPLANTS (IOLS) TITLE PRESENTER PP2-01 Comparison Of The Accuracy Of Retropupillary Iris-Claw Intraocular Lens Power Measurement Using Manufacturer's A-Constant And Optimized A-Constant Azalia LATUASAN Indonesia PP2-02 Visual Outcome following Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with Alcon Vivity Toric Intraocular Lens Implantation in Fishermen: A Retrospective Study Rooshitha BEJANSINGH India PP2-03 The Comparison of Contrast Sensitivity between Blue Light-filtered and Ultraviolet-blocking Intraocular Lens in Patients with Glaucoma Theerajate PHONGSUPHAN Thailand PP2-04 Six-month Results of AcrySof Toric Intraocular Lens Implantation in Patients with Combined Microincision Vitrectomy Surgery and Phacoemulsification Lijun SHEN China PP2-05 Comparative Evaluation of Visual Outcomes in Combined Cataract and Vitrectomy for Idiopathic Epiretinal Membrane with an Advanced or Conventional Intraocular Lens Se Hyun CHOI South Korea PP2-06 Relationship between Intermediate Visual Acuity and Pupil Diameter in Eyes Implanted with Extended Depth-of-Field Intraocular Lenses Saiko MATSUMURA Japan 109