35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

EXHIBITOR PROFILE www.excelsius-medical.com Excelsius Medical is an ophthalmic laser refractive and cataract surgery developer. Our product line includes excimer refractive laser, femtosecond refractive laser and femtosecond cataract laser. SEDEO is one of our unique excimer laser platforms that the patient is in sit position during the surgery. This design not only provide a cyclotorsion free by nature feature but also make the surgery experience as simple as the diagnostic procedure to relieve the patient’s nerves. All our laser products are robotic automatic concepts that bring laser to patient’s eye, that is a breakthrough in refractive and cataract laser technologies. www.ebmedical.com/en Eyebright Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a National High-tech Enterprise located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing, China. The company is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange market with the trading code of 688050. Focusing on the protection and caring of human eyes and vision health, the company aims to provide first-class medical products and services to global ophthalmology surgeons, patients and consumers. The company has been developing a full range of ophthalmic medical products, which include surgical implants, surgical instruments, equipment, optometric lenses, eye drops etc., for the treatment of cataract, refractive errors and many other ophthalmic diseases. www.eyelens.sg Eye-Lens Pte Ltd is a distributor of Ophthalmic Devices. Our key markets are Singapore and Japan. We are proud to introduce, manage and distribute a broad range of innovative products. These products have been evaluated and selected carefully to ensure success, matching perfectly the manufacturers’ objectives and strategies with the market and customers’ needs. The following is a partial list of our products: 1) Schwind Amaris and Atos lasers and Diagnostic devices 2) Avedro/Glaukos Cross Linking devices and Riboflavin Solutions 3) IPCL – Implantable Phakic Contact Lens 4) PRN Omega-3 5) Myopine – Low Dose Atropine for paediatric Myopia control www.glaukos.com Glaukos (NYSE: GKOS) transforms the standard of care in glaucoma, corneal disorders, and retinal diseases with micro-scale surgical and pharmaceutical therapies. Glaukos created the Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgical category with iStent® followed by iStent inject®, iStent inject® W, and iStent infinite® trabecular micro-bypass devices. The company commercialized the only FDA-approved cross-linking technology for progressive keratoconus and corneal ectasia following refractive surgery. Glaukos is dedicated to addressing the greatest unmet needs of the global ophthalmic market for physicians and patients by leveraging its platform technologies to build an unrivaled portfolio of next-generation. www.haag-streit.com The Haag-Streit Group, headquartered in Koeniz near Bern, is an internationally operating Swiss medical device company in the field of eye care. The group develops, manufactures and globally distributes cutting-edge solutions and medical devices including slit lamps, tonometers, chairs and stands for the refractive workplace, as well as biometers, perimeters, surgical microscopes and further accessories. The Haag-Streit Group also offers virtual reality-based solutions and simulators for medical education. For more than 160 years, Haag-Streit has been working closely with well-respected scientists and physicians worldwide. According to the principle:” Look closer, see further”, we work with attention to detail to develop and produce innovative and progressive comprehensive solutions of highest quality for eye care specialists. 125