35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

the society at its annual meetings cultivates excellence by recognizing the outstanding work of ophthalmologists in the Asia-Pacific: The APACRS Gold Medal honors ophthalmologists in the region for outstanding contributions to the practice in terms of service, teaching, or research. The prestigious APACRS LIM Lecture, named for the society’s founding president, is delivered by one ophthalmologist chosen each year to share their discoveries and innovations with their colleagues. The APACRS Certified Educator (A.C.E.) award recognizes ophthalmologists who have made significant contributions to the training of surgeons in the Asia-Pacific. Through these and other activities, the APACRS continues to work in close collaboration with the region’s most prominent local organizations, bringing them closer together with international partners from elsewhere in the world to serve the cataract and refractive surgery needs of over half the world’s population. MEMBERSHIP Join the APACRS to enjoy membership benefits such as reduced registration fees at APACRS congresses, free subscription to EyeWorld Asia-Pacific News Magazine and more. Log on to www.apacrs.org for more information. ABOUT APACRS Annual Meetings 1987 - 2023 13