35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

INFORMATION FOR SPEAKERS SPEAKER PREVIEW, ROOM 336, LEVEL 3 Speakers are requested to upload their presentation slides at the Speaker Preview Room at least 3 hours before the start of their sessions. If your presentation is scheduled in the early morning sessions, please upload your presentation slides the day before. Date Time 7 June 2023 (Wednesday) 14:00 – 17:00hrs 8 June 2023 (Thursday) 08:00 – 17:30hrs 9 June 2023 (Friday) 06:30 – 17:30hrs 10 June 2023 (Saturday) 06:30 – 15:30hrs DISCLOSURE OF CONFLICT(S) OF INTEREST All speakers should declare any conflict(s) of interest or lack thereof in all their presentations. PRESENTATION FORMAT Please format your slides to 16:9 aspect ratio. Only presentations using PowerPoint are acceptable. Audio transmission is not supported. Please use the mouse or clicker provided at the speaker’s podium to operate your own presentation. (Note: The computer on which the presentation is stored is not situated at the podium.) Speakers who wish to use Keynote for Mac OS computers will need to use their own computers. Please inform the Secretariat ahead of time and check the video output in the Speakers’ Preview Room at least 3 hours before the start of your session. Important note: Please save data in accordance with the notes below and store data on a USB flash memory device. At the Speaker Preview Room, please provide the AV staff with your name and the session(s) you will be speaking in. DATA FORMAT 1. Use Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 to 2019) and save presentation in .ppt or .pptx format to ensure compatibility with the onsite PC. 2. We are unable to guarantee the quality of Mac OS-based presentations; please check in advance for Windows compatibility or bring your Mac computer to the Speaker Preview Room for onsite assistance. The data you provide (on a USB flash memory drive) will be temporarily stored on the server in the Speaker Preview Room. The organizer will erase all data after the conference. 3. Videos: Compress videos to less than 500 MB. We recommend storing videos in MP4 format. If you are unable to convert files, please approach the technical staff at the Speaker Preview Room for assistance. FREE PAPER PRESENTATIONS It is compulsory to upload your free paper presentations in the Speaker Preview Room at least 3 hours before the start of your sessions. FOR SPEAKERS USING OWN PERSONAL COMPUTER (Not applicable for free paper presentations) AV staff will check the video output of your computer using an LCD monitor. Please switch off any screensavers, antivirus programs, and power-saving modes prior to your presentation. Please remember to bring your own power cable for your computer. If you are using a Mac computer, please remember to also bring your own computer and cables, display adaptor, HDMI/D-sub output for connection to a projector. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, we recommend that all speakers utilize equipment provided by the event organizer. Please also ensure that you have a backup copy of your slides on a thumb drive or hard disk. TIME KEEPING PROTOCOL Speakers should be in the meeting room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. The meeting program is intensive and keeping to schedule is essential. Session chairs will be strict with time keeping. Speakers should take note of the following time keeping protocol: A countdown timer located near the podium will be activated when the presentation commences. Yellow: 1 minute of presentation time left. Red: Presentation time is finished. Microphone will be muted 10 seconds after the timer shows “0”. 27