35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

Simplifying Presbyopia Correction1-9 The First-of-its-kind presbyopia-correcting IOL with wavefront-shaping technology and a clinically proven monofocal visual disturbances profile1-4 References: 1. AcrySof® IQ Vivity® Extended Vision IOL Directions for Use. 2. Alcon Data on File, US Patent 9968440 B2, May 15, 2018. 3. Alcon Data on File, TDOC-0055575. 09 Apr 2019. 4. Alcon Data on File. TDOC-0055576. 23-Jul-2019. 5. Alcon Data on File, TDOC-0056718. 18-Jun-2019. 6. Ligabue E, et al. ACRYSOF IQ VIVITY: Natural vision at a range of distances provided by a novel optical technology. Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today. April 2020 // 7. Alcon Data on file. A02062-REP-043696, Optical Evaluations of Alcon Vivity®, Symfony*, Zeiss* AT LARA* AT LISA IOLs. Feb 2020. 8. Lawless M. Insight news. “An IOL to change the cataract surgery paradigm?” available at “https://www.insightnews.com.au/an-iol-to-change-the-cataract-surgeryparadigm/”. Accessed Date 17.07.2020. 9. Ike K. Ahmed, et al. The Vivity Extended Depth of Focus IOL: Our Clinical Experience. Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today. February 2021// Please refer to product direction for use for complete list of indications, contraindications and warnings. This content is intended for Healthcare Professionals only, not for general public © 2023 Alcon Inc. 04/23 ASIA-VIV-2300006 AcrySof IQ Vivity® IOL