35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

FREE PAPERS 15:20 - 15:25hrs FP7-15 Comparison of Three Intraocular Lens Injector Designs: Enlargement of Corneal Incision Size and Associated Surgically-induced Astigmatism Stephen STEWART Singapore 15:25 - 15:30hrs Discussion 15:30 - 15:35hrs FP7-16 Innovative Model of Cataract Surgery Training in China Mingzhi ZHANG China 15:35 - 15:40hrs FP7-17 Changes in High-order Aberrations in Eyes Implanted with Monofocal IOL with Enhanced Intermediate Vision Hun LEE South Korea 15:40 - 15:45hrs FP7-18 Role of Optic Nerve Head Characteristics in Predicting Intraocular Pressure Spikes after Cataract Surgery in Highly Myopic Eyes Wenwen HE China 15:45 - 15:50hrs FP7-19 Comparison of IOL Formulas using a New Sum-of-segments Axial Length Swept-source Optical Biometer YEO Tun Kuan Singapore 15:50 - 15:55hrs FP7-20 Precision Pulse Capsulotomy to Perform Capsulotomy with Automated Method with Easier Control and Superior Outcomes 5 Years Follow-up Matteo PIOVELLA Italy 15:55 - 16:00hrs FP7-21 Intracameral Levofloxacin (0.5%) versus Intracameral Cefuroxime (1 mg/0.1 ml) Effect on Corneal Endothelial Cell Count and Morphology Wan Haslina WAN ABDUL HALIM Malaysia 16:00 - 16:05hrs Discussion FREE PAPER FP8 – GENERAL II Day 3, Sunday, 10 June 2023 • 14:00 – 15:30hrs • Room 335, Level 3, Suntec Singapore Chairs: John CHANG, Hong Kong SAR, China • Rahat HUSAIN, Singapore TIME PRESENTATION TOPIC SPEAKER 14:00 - 14:05hrs FP8-01 Assessment of Choriocapillaris Flow Deficits and Choroidal Thickness in Children with Marfan Syndrome Kityee NG China 14:05 - 14:10hrs FP8-02 Effects of Steep Trendelenburg Position during Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Procedures on Intraocular Pressure & Optic Nerve Head Parameters Rinky Anand GUPTA India 14:10 - 14:15hrs FP8-03 Clinical Analysis and Predictive Factors for Endogenous Bacterial Endophthalmitis: A Ten-Year Experience in Tianjin China Chunjie MAO China 14:15 - 14:20hrs FP8-04 Corneal Topographic Changes in Healthy Siblings of Patients with Keratoconus Josephine CHRISTY India 14:20 - 14:25hrs FP8-05 Unscheduled Visit to Emergency Room: A Patient Presenting with Ocular Hypertension Post Phaco Surgery due to Diabetic Cataract Ardiansyah AKBAR Indonesia 14:25 - 14:30hrs Discussion 89