35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

FREE PAPERS 14:30 - 14:35hrs FP8-06 Prevalence and Causes of Visual Impairment in Elderly Chinese People Living in Suburban Shanghai Jiahui CHEN China 14:35 - 14:40hrs FP8-07 iTrack™ Global Data Registry to Support the Role of Canaloplasty for Treatment of Glaucoma David LUBECK USA 14:40 - 14:45hrs FP8-08 Study on the Choice of Surgical Timing of Meibomian Gland Physiotherapy in Cataract Patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Shuangle LI China 14:45 - 14:50hrs FP8-09 Analysis of Differences between Keratometric Astigmatism and Total Corneal Astigmatism Measured by IOLMaster 700 Fang XIAOLING China 14:50 - 14:55hrs FP8-10 Investigating the Utility of Anterior Chamber Depth and Axial Length Thresholds in Predicting Anatomical Angle Closure in Chinese Patients Yik Tsz LAM Hong Kong SAR, China 14:55 - 15:00hrs Discussion 15:00 - 15:05hrs FP8-11 Assessment of Peripapillary RNFL Optical Intensity Ratios in Healthy Eyes by 3D OCT with Variable Analytical Radius Chen BINYAO China 15:05 - 15:10hrs FP8-12 Phase 3 Trial Results of iDose TR (Travoprost Intraocular Implant) versus Topical Timolol Robert ANG Philippines 15:10 - 15:15hrs FP8-13 Integrated Analysis of Proteome Profile of Aqueous Humor and Lens Capsule Reveals Biomarker Candidates for Marfan Syndrome Yumeng SHI China 15:15 - 15:20hrs FP8-14 Comparing Biomechanically Corrected Intraocular Pressure (IOP) by Corvis ST with Intraocular Pressure by iCare IC200 across Axial Lengths Ka Hong Adrian WONG Hong Kong SAR, China 15:20 - 15:25hrs FP8-15 Incomplete Punctal Canalization: An AS-OCT Based Diagnosis Rohit RAO India 15:25- 15:30hrs Discussion 91