APACRS Webinar
Experienced cataract surgeons and educators teach the basic steps in phaco, from biometry to surgery. Emphasizing practical solutions and achievable targets you can use on your next visit to the operating room, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate surgeons, and those wanting a refresher.

This webinar is accredited by the Singapore Medical Council for 1 CME point (category 1B).

Program Details

20:00 – 20:10hrs
Practical Biometry
FAM Han Bor, Singapore
20:12 – 20:22hrs
Incisions in Phaco
Sri GANESH, India
20:24 – 20:34hrs
Mastering the CCC/Little’s Manoeuvre
CHEE Soon Phaik, Singapore
20:36 – 20:46hrs
Complete Hydrodissection
Ronald YEOH, Singapore
20:48 – 20:58hrs
Phaco Fluidics
CHAN Wing Kwong, Singapore
21:00 - 21:10hrs
Divide and Conquer/Chop
Shail VASAVADA, India
21:12 – 21:22hrs
Irrigation/Aspiration of Cortex
Johan HUTAURUK, Indonesia
21:24 – 21:34hrs
IOL Implantation
Pannet PANGPUTHIPONG, Thailand
21:34 – 21:45hrs
Panel Discussion