34th APACRS-2022 KSCRS Joint Meeting Final Program

102 www.apacrs.org The APACRS holds its annual meeting with regional organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Its primary function is the dissemination and promotion of advances in anterior segment ophthalmic surgery. APACRS has developed various instruments to fulfil this function. Among them is EyeWorld Asia-Pacific, a quarterly news magazine that keeps its readers abreast of the latest development while keeping its perspective on what is relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. APACRS is a leading organization representing cataract and refractive surgeons—a forum for regional interaction working in close partnership with regional and international cataract and refractive surgery societies in providing ophthalmic education. Educational resources are available 24/7 at www.apacrs.org www.avellino.com Avellino is a global company that commercialized Avellino corneal dystrophy genetic test for the first time in the world through the development of a method for hereditary ophthalmic disease in 2008. It is a research and development company that develops and uses a test method to predict the risk of keratoconus disease, one of hereditary ophthalmic diseases, and is also developing a gene therapy for corneal dystrophy. In particular, we are making a leap forward as a global specialized genome company through genetic data and AI-based diagnostic technology business through the combination of IT and BT. The head office is located in Silicon Valley, USA, and we are conducting business through corporations in Korea, Japan, and China. www.bausch.kr Bausch + Lomb is one of the best-known and most trusted healthcare companies in the world offering the widest and finest range of eye health products to help people see better to live better. Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery: Our products include intraocular lenses and delivery systems featuring the enVista, Akreos brands of IOLs, the Stellaris Elite line of phacoemulsification equipment, the Stellaris Elite combined line of vitreoretinal surgery equipment and the Storz line of instruments. Pharmaceuticals: We offer proprietary medicines available by prescription or over-the-counter (OTC). Our full line of proprietary products includes dry eye product Liposic, new type of redness reliver Lumify and steroid eye drops Lotemax. www.bi-nex.com Since being founded in 1957 with the name SoonCheonDang, Binex has been committed to providing sustainable solutions to the healthcare challenges in Korea. Binex undertook the management control of Korea Biotechnology commercialization Center (KBCC) from Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy. KBCC, equipped with cGMP facilities, was built in 2007 with investment of US$100mln. By providing outsourcing solution for new drug developing biotechnology firms, KBCC enables us to establish working relationship with future major players in the industry. Although this effort has been limited to Korea so far, we plan to expand this relationship on a world-wide basis in the near future. As the outsourcing solution for the Korea’s biotechnology sector, Binex will leverage our position to become a global biotechnology leader. EXHIBITOR PROFILE