34th APACRS-2022 KSCRS Joint Meeting Final Program

FILM FESTIVAL 79 FF2-14 Managing a Traumatic Cataract with Significant Iridodialysis and Zonulysis John Philip LIM Philippines Traumatic cataracts from blunt force trauma are oftentimes associated with concomitant damage to adjacent intraocular structures. This video emphasizes the step by step approach that was undertaken to perform a lensectomy with in-the-bag IOL implantation, scleral fixated modified capsular tension ring placement with Goretex suture using the snare technique, and repair of iridodialysis using the modifed sewing machine technique in a young male patient who suffered from blunt trauma during a motor vehicular accident. FF2-15 Novel Management of Spontaneous Onset Sclerocorneal Cyst in Child with Spina Bifida Jai KELKAR India A 2-year-old girl with lipomeningocele and spina bifida of L4 L5 was referred for management of swelling on the nasal side of the right eye. On ophthalmic examination, the right eye showed a subconjunctival cyst extending into the anterior corneal stroma on the nasal side, from 7 to 12 o’clock hour positions. Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) of the right eye showed a fluid-filled cystic lesion involving the cornea, with no communication with the anterior chamber. Our video demonstrates a novel technique of management of sclerocorneal cyst, using amniotic membrane which avoided the use of any scleral patch graft. FF2-16 Breaking the Spine – Flip technique Sunil THANGARAJ India Commonly the problem with a hard nucleus, especially leathery ones, is to separate the backbone or the spine. This backbone in spite of effective chops or cracks tends to be attached in the center posteriorly making it extremely difficult to handle during phaco since the segments keep retracting into the bag while attempting removal. Although many methods are described, we describe a method efficient but arguably to be performed by experienced surgeons. In our method we flip the nucleus after attempted segmentation with central attachment under OVD protection in the AC and then target the spine which is now anteriorly placed. This we will demonstrate is an extremely efficient way to handle the unyielding spine. FF2-17 Snow White Cataracts Sujatha MOHAN India White cataracts come in various sizes and types. They are notorious for high intracapsular pressure which causes the rhexis to run away and can ultimately cause complications in the different stages of surgery. This video highlights the different methods to deal with white cataracts in their myriad forms and tips to overcome the problems faced during their management. FF2-18 180-Degree Subluxation Managed with FLACS and Cionni Ring Abhijeet DESAI India Patient presented with history of injury with rope. On examination, subluxated cataract with loss of zonules in inferior half was noted. FLACS was planned for the patient. CCC decentered opposite to subluxation.After opening the FLACS incisions, capsular hooks were placed, phacoemulsification done, Cionni ring planned. Hoffman pocket attempted but the incision went through and through. That site was abandoned and another pocket was made near the abandoned site. Cionni ring sutured and IOL placed in bag.