34th APACRS-2022 KSCRS Joint Meeting Final Program

105 https://eng.ilooda. com/ Ilooda is a professional designer and manufacturer of medical technology that is recognized for product and service excellence by prestigious experts in the medical industry from 52 countries worldwide. We have service established a joint network with overseas government research institutes and university hospitals for technology partnerships and clinical trials. We have built a strong network of 67 distributors from 52 countries. This infrastructure enables us to apply new technology and clinical approaches to the entire world’s population. www.jiwonmedical. co.kr Jiwon Medical was established in 1986 when the IOL was first introduced in Korea with the goal of developing ophthalmology and preventing blindness. Currently, we are working with more than 20 ophthalmic companies around the world to provide the highest quality products with the best service to our customers. www.kisantech.co.kr KISAN TECH is an agent of medical devices manufacturers We distribute equipment and related disposables from Haag-Streit (Slit Lamp), Heidelberg Engineering (HRA, OCT), Ziemer (Refractive Cataract Laser), and IRIDEX (Solid-state Laser). KISAN TECH is not only supplies medicines, we are pursuing growth together by maintaining and expanding close relationships with doctors across the country and with manufacturer. We also support after-sales service maintenance and application training of equipment. www.kscrs.org The Korean Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (KSCRS) is the largest association of eye physicians and surgeons in South Korea, second only to the Korean Ophthalmological Society. The mission of the KSCRS is to contribute to the development of ophthalmology through research and education in cataract and refractive surgery and to exchange friendship and information between members. The Society evolved from the Korean Intraocular Implant Club (KIOIC), established in 1984. The KSCRS has held an annual academic symposium and cataract surgery training program since 1998, contributing to the dissemination of and academic research into cataract and refractive surgery. www.koryoeye.com Koryo Eyetech Co., Ltd., founded 33 years ago, is an ophthalmic company specialized in importing and supplying outstanding ophthalmic products. In 2008, Koryo Eyetech Co., Ltd. acquired a contact lens manufacturer and established a research institute that led to the development of a luxury handmade custom ‘eyelike contact lens’, the product that signaled the birth of the domestic brand <eyelike>. We developed various ophthalmic products including the <eyelike K-Flex Aspheric> an IOL optimized for the intraocular structure of Koreans and other Asians, <eyelike Pinhole Multivision> contact lens for presbyopia that can correct just by wearing, <eyelike Iris> contact lens correcting the iris, and <eyelike Lid Cleaner> exclusively designed for daily eyelid hygiene. All our products are being used in leading hospitals in Korea. In addition, we are constantly striving to develop ophthalmic instruments, medical consumables, and various intraocular lenses, including 4-Haptic IOL and IOL correcting astigmatism. We are committed to being a trusted company by adapting in a fastmoving medical environment with our business philosophy of ‘Leading Global Ophthalmic company. EXHIBITOR PROFILE