34th APACRS-2022 KSCRS Joint Meeting Final Program

106 www.kowa.co.jp/e-life/ Kowa has been making and pioneering contributions to ophthalmology for more than 70 years with experience in ophthalmic diagnostics and one of the leading suppliers of ophthalmic diagnostic systems in the world. The company has been bringing this same spirit of innovative development to the field of intraocular lenses (IOLs) since it introduced the first Avansee IOL in 2007. Designed and engineered to provide easy to use solutions for healthcare professionals, so that they can continue to offer the very best in patient care. www.kukjepharm.co.kr Kukje Pharma produces and sells over 120 specialized pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics, solutions for the circulatory system, digestive medicine, diabetes medicine, fever relief medicine, pain relief medicine, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Most notably, in the ophthalmology sector, it has secured an unrivaled position in the domestic market, thanks to “Tagen-F,” which is a medicine that treats retinal degeneration caused by diabetes. With advanced production facilities and market-leading products, Kukje Pharma has grown into a bona fide global pharmaceutical company that exports to major overseas markets in China, Vietnam, the Middle East, and Africa. www.leicamicrosystems.com Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures. Ever since the company started as a family business in the nineteenth century, its instruments have been widely recognized for their optical precision and innovative technology. It is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopes. www.lumenis.com Better Technology for Better Patient Care Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and Aesthertic markets, and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovation energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF). www.medicontur.com Medicontur Medical Engineering is an independent European company in existence for 30 years’ Consistent high quality with more than 6 million intraocular implants produced and distributed in more than 60 countries. At its international offices located near Geneva (Switzerland), Lyon (France), Brno (Czech Republic) and at its facilities located near Budapest (Hungary), Medicontur brings together men and women from a great variety of professions to meet the demanding, continuous policy of safety and innovation. Some of the pioneering innovations include the trifocal Liberty and BiFlex platform, the AddOn range and the SML lens. EXHIBITOR PROFILE