35th APACRS Annual Meeting Final Program

CLAREON® MONOFOCAL �OLs give your patients functional intermediate vision while maintaining exceptional sharp, crisp distance vision. 6-9 But what they see might surprise them. SHOCK I NGLY BR I LL I ANT DI STANCE V I S I ON , T I ME AF T E R T I ME1 -5 1. Clareon® IOL Directions for Use. 2. Lane S, Collins S, Das KK, Maass S, Thatthamla I, Schatz H, Van Noy S, Jain R. Evaluation of intraocular lens mechanical stability. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2019 Apr;45(4):501-506. 3. Alcon Data on File, 2017. 4. Lehmann R, Maxwell A, Lubeck DM, Fong R, Walters TR, Fakadej A. Effectiveness and Safety of the Clareon Monofocal Intraocular Lens: Outcomes from a 12-Month Single-Arm Clinical Study in a Large Sample. Clin Ophthalmol. 2021;15:1647-1657. 5. Oshika T, Fujita Y, Inamura M, Miyata K. Mid-term and long-term clinical assessments of a new 1-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL with hydroxyethyl methacrylate. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2020 May;46(5):682687. 6. AcrySof® IQ Vivity® Extended Vision IOL Directions for Use. 7. Bala, Chandra, et al. Multi-country clinical outcomes of a new nondiffractive presbyopia-correcting intraocular lens. Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Publish Ahead of Print DOI:10.1097/j.jcrs.0000000000000712. 8. Varma, Devesh, et al. Clinical Outcomes of a New Non-Diffractive Presbyopia-Correcting Intraocular Lens From Two Large Confirmatory Studies. American Academy of Ophthalmology . Abstract: PA005. 9. Alcon Data on File, 2022. [A01970-REP-211731] - Optical Equivalency of Clareon Monofocal and AcrySof IQ IOL Version 1.2 REF-15172. Based on Studies with AcrySof®; Clareon® and AcrySof® are optically equivalent with the same -0.2µm aspheric design resulting in improved depth of focus. Please refer to relevant product direction for use for list of indications, contraindications and warnings. To be distributed to healthcare professionals only. ©2023 Alcon Inc. 04/23 ASIA-CLI-2300001